"Salamon is one of the more original voices of the European jazz scene with bold, genre-defying musical vision!"
(JAZZ REVIEW, John Vincent Barron, USA)
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SAMO ŠALAMON is "one of the most talented and interesting young guitarists and composers to emerge on today's jazz scene" (AllAboutJazz), being selected by the magazine Guitar Player as one of the hottest 10 new guitarists in the world. So far he has composed more than 300 compositions and recorded 35 albums as a leader for labels Clean Feed Records (Portugal), Fresh Sound New Talent (Spain), NotTwo Records (Poland), Splasch Records (Italy), Steeplechase Records (Denmark), Sanje Recordings (Slovenia), Klopotec (Slovenia) and Goga Records (Slovenia). So far he has played, cooperated, toured and recorded with many great international players like Howard Levy, Paul McCandless, John Hollenbeck, Mark Turner, Arild Andersen, Bob Moses, Michel Godard, Drew Gress, Tony Malaby, Mark Helias, Tom Rainey, Tim Berne, Donny McCaslin, David Binney, Josh Roseman, Gerald Cleaver, John Hebert, Francois Houle, Julian Arguelles, Dominique Pifarely, Carlo DeRosa, Tyshawn Sorey, Bruno Chevillon, Stefano Battaglia, Christian Lillinger, Pascal Niggenkemper, Matt Brewer, Loren Stillman, John O'Gallagher, Mikkel Ploug, Manu Codjia, Alex Machacek, Sabir Mateen, Szilard Mezei, Kariem Riggins, Luciano Biondini, Lester St. Louis, Jim Mullen, Dejan Terzic, Rudi Mahall, Fareed Haque, Hasse Poulsen, Kalle Kalima, Cenk Erdogan, Jacob Young, Christy Doran, Ronny Graupe, Susanna Risberg, Emanuele Parrini, Vasco Trilla, Marco Colonna, Don Falzone, Rudy Linka, Tim Brady, Paolino Dalla Porta, Ares Tavolazzi, Roberto Dani, Wilbert De Joode, Joris Teepe, Bruno Cesselli, Zlatko Kaucic, Salvatore Maiore, Kyle Gregory, Emanuele Cisi, Gianluca Petrella, Achille Succi, Steve Altenberg, Yayoi Ikawa, Vasco Trilla, Emanuele Parrini, Marco Colonna, Fredrik Ljungberg, Christoph Irniger, Emanuele Marsico, Alberto Mandarini, Silvia Bolognesi, Albert Cirera, Luis Vicente, Marcelo dos Reis, Mirko Cisilino, Beppe Scardino, Alberto Pinton, Martin Küchen, Kruno Levacic, Igor Lumpert, Andrea Allione, Axel Dörner, Uli Jennesen, Loris Bertot, Nicolas Muresu, Jan Rhoder, Danilo Gallo, Dejan Pecenko, Alex Deutsch, Luigi Mosso, Aya Shimura, Giorgio Pacorig, Vasko Atanasovski, Jure Pukl, Nino Mureskic, Boštjan Gombač, Igor Matkovic, Bojan Krhlanko and others.

Since 2001, Samo Salamon has regularly toured and played all over the world in many world recognized venues, clubs and festivals in Europe (Italy, France, Germany, Austria, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Macedonia…) and USA, which again showes his strong reputation in the world of jazz:

»The researching, perceptive and incredibly flexible spirit of the high creativity of Samo Salamon is reaching to the fields of international jazz galaxy with a highly insightful art intellect!.« 
(Aleš Podbrežnik, Rockline, February 2020)

»Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon holds a unique position in the world of jazz. Recognized as a top-level guitarist, composer and improvisor!« 
(Dragutin Matoševič, Barikada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, November 2017)

»Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon belongs to unique guitarists on the contemporary jazz scene...complex polyrhythms and complex overlapping structures appear in the spirit of modern and elaborate free-jazz! « 
(SK Jazz, Slovakia, April 2017)

»Samo Salamon is a major exponent of jazz guitar and a really interesting composer to follow over the coming years.« 
(Chris Baber, Jazz Views, UK, April 2016)

»The Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon is an eclectic who alternates Bill Frisellish folksiness with Kevin Eubanksish hyperactivity.« 
(John Litweiler, Point of Departure, USA, March 2016)

»Samo Salamon is becoming one of the most influential guitarists of the European jazz scene!« 
(Igor Miskovic, JazzInRS, Serbia, March 2016)

»Adventurous Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon is one of the most wide-ranging jazz guitarists working today, and one of the most prolific.« 
(Mark Sullivan, AllAboutJazz, USA, February 2016)

»Samo Salamon belongs to the most creative and complete figures of modern European Jazz.« 
(Mathias Bäumel, Dresdner Universitätsjournals, Germany, February 2016)

»Much like his contemporaries Kurt Rosenwinkel and Ben Monder, Salamon is forging ahead with a new standard of jazz guitar that is accessible and beyond established categorizations.« (John Barron, Jazz Word 2011)

»Salamon's music is expanding the framework of the modern guitar trio, whereby Salamon is one of the most interesting guitarists in Europe.« (Jakob Baekgaard, Geiger 2011)

»One of the most influential guitarists of our time, which is an amazing success for a musician of his age.«
(Jure Potokar, Pogledi, January 2011)

»Samo Salamon is neither flashy nor common but actually brilliant.« (Edward Blanco, EJazzNews 2011)

»One of the finest young guitarists in all of Europe.« (Dan Bilawsky, AllAboutJazz 2011)

»One of the young lions of Europe's modern creative music scene.« (Michael G. Nastos, Allmusic 2008)

»One of the hottest 10 new guitarists in the world.« (Guitar Player, June 2008)

»Samo Salamon deserves to be considered in the same breath as contemporary guitar innovators like Kurt Rosenwinkel, Ben Monder and Adam Rogers.« (John Kelman, All About Jazz 2007)

»The guitarist appears again to be one of the most intriguing musicians around and who knows what he has in store for us.« (Alain Drouot, Allmusic 2007)

»Possessing a monstrous technique and an intense desire to navigate multiple jazz related genres...«
(Glenn Astarita, EjazzNews 2006)