"Salamon is a truly creative musician who seems to set out to explore both breadth and depth of his instrument!"
(Jazz Views, Ken Cheetham, September 2014, UK)
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SAMO SALAMON SEXTET: The Colours Suite (2017)
(Clean Feed Records)

Achille Succi - bass clarinet
Julian Arguelles - tenor sax
Samo Salamon - guitar
Pascal Niggenkemper - bass
Roberto Dani - drums
Christian Lillinger - drums
6.21 (Salamon)
4.41 (Salamon)
10.20 (Salamon)
5.44 (Salamon)
4.05 (Salamon)
9.29 (Salamon)
6.15 (Salamon)
7.22 (Salamon)

»Samo Salamon is a creative pearl and one of the most challenging creative players of the new jazz scene, who is constantly opening the doors of development with his his research-like passion to the jazz culture!« 
(Aleš Podbrežnik, Rockline, Slovenia, December 2017)

»Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon holds a unique position in the world of jazz. Recognized as a top-level guitarist, composer and improvisor!« 
(Dragutin Matoševič, Barikada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, November 2017)

»On The Colours Suite, Salo Salamon and Co. have assembled a document which is both exciting and multi-faceted. Each member of the sextet is a wonder to listen to, and each pulls their instrument through several terrains whether it be together or independently...The Colours Suite is not one to miss!« 
(Connor Kurtz, FreeJazzBlog, Belgium, August 2017)

»Intrepid guitarist Samo Salamon is as creative as he is prolific. Each one, of his 20 odd recordings, is uniquely original and inventive. His 2017 The Colours Suite is no exception. It is a stimulating live session of provocative and thrilling improvisation and kaleidoscope of ambiences...Once again Salamon has produced an innovative and singular work. The Colours Suite is filled with fresh ideas and superb musicianship « 
(Hrayr Attarian, Allmusic, USA, July 2017)

»The Colours Suite means Salamon embracing a total freedom, as we have never seen him doing before. The result is thought-provoking, powerfully complex, and immensely creative!« 
(Jazz Trail, USA, June 2017)

»One of Salamon's most compelling musical statements to date!« 
(Glenn Astarita, AllAboutJazz, USA, May 2017)

»Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon belongs to unique guitarists on the contemporary jazz scene...complex polyrhythms and complex overlapping structures appear in the spirit of modern and elaborate free-jazz!« 
(SK Jazz, Slovakia, April 2017)

»Samo Salamon wrote the suite thinking about the personalities of these musicians. This was the modus operandi of Duke Ellington, and there’s something of that heritage here, namely the combination of complex harmonic and rhythmic motives with open improvisation, the results giving us the «feel of a living organism». In two words: powerful music, not to be missed!.« 
(Downtown Music Gallery, USA, March 2017)