"Salamon is a truly creative musician who seems to set out to explore both breadth and depth of his instrument!"
(Jazz Views, Ken Cheetham, September 2014, UK)
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Samo Salamon - guitar
Tim Berne - alto sax
Achille Succi - alto sax
Tom Rainey - drums
Roberto Dani - drums

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Flying Potatoes
Mea Culpa
Twists And Turns
Falcon's Flight
Roofs in the City
Kei's Garden
Road to Nantucket
The Weight of One Daisy
Asking For a Break
9.25 (Salamon)
5.39 (Salamon)
7.16 (Salamon)
7.28 (Salamon)
9.32 (Salamon)
3.40 (Salamon)
7.35 (Salamon)
5.15 (Salamon)
5.46 (Salamon)
5.39 (Salamon)
6.44 (Salamon)
»Salamon has a fearless approach to guitar playing and writing that often marks him as an avant-garde thrill seeker when he tangles with the Americans, but he is a melody man at heart… Pungent sounds, fractured and knotty riffs, angular lines and torrential downpours of notes come into play when this trio takes center stage.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Dan Bilawsky, November 2011, USA)

»Guitarist Samo Salamon is one of those players quietly but fully engaged with moving the music forward. His vocabulary is entirely his own… music that both intrigues and delights, rewarding repeated listening every time.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Nic Jones, December 2011, UK)

»Duality is full of quality, confidence and invention – incredible melodicism and carefully constructed dynamics.«
(RADIO ŠTUDENT, Mario Batelić, November 2011, Slovenia)

»Salamon is a complete jazz artist--player, composer, and arranger.«
(JAZZ TIMES, Scott Albin, November 2011, USA)

»A memorable set of thoughtful, original jazz!«
(JAZZ WORD, John Barron, October 2011, USA)

»One of the more exciting and inventive improvising artists, Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon's stylistic modus operandi, coupled with massive chops has earned him prominence within global, progressive-jazz circles. Like a fine art piece, the music projects a surfeit of intriguing propositions and diametric angles. Indeed, a top-shelf product that beckons repeated listens.«
(JAZZ REVIEW, Glenn Astarita, March 2012, USA)

»A creative avalanche not to be seen in the domestic scene!«
(ODZVEN, Jože Štucin, October 2011, Slovenia)

»Salamon delivers spiky improvisations and considerable fretboard skills.«
(JAZZ TIMES, Bill Milkowski, March 2012, USA)

»Duality is the best and deepest album of one of the best young lions in the jazz scene…Samo Salamon is a thinker, engineer and architect, but at the same time an anarchist!«
(JAZZ PODIUM, Alexander Schmitz, March 2012, Germany)

»Electric and exciting, with a sort of fresh familiarity that could place the group on a Knitting Factory compilation from back in the day!
(NYC JAZZ RECORD, Kurt Gottschalk, December 2011, USA)