"Salamon is a truly creative musician who seems to set out to explore both breadth and depth of his instrument!"
(Jazz Views, Ken Cheetham, September 2014, UK)
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SAMO SALAMON SEXTET: Ela's Dream (2005)
(Splasch Records)

Kyle Gregory - trumpet, piccolo trumpet
Dave Binney - alto sax
Achille Succi - alto sax, bass clarinet
Samo Salamon - guitar
Paolino Dalla Porta - bass
Zlatko Kaucic - drums

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Coffee With A Girl
Emotional Playground
There's Still Dog Food Left In It
Ela's Dream
Broken Windows
18.25 (Salamon)
15.22 (Salamon)
15.34 (Salamon)
19.53 (Salamon)
10.20 (Salamon)
»It's stunning music. This is very hip, creative, muscular new music from an emerging voice!«
(ALLMUSIC, Michael G. Nastos, May 2005, USA)

»Using his effects pedal, Šalamon’s line upturns to rock-like interface, accompanied by stentorian banging from Kaucic, as if the two of them were Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton in their Cream prime, turning their hands to jazz improvising. Performed with enough polytonality, elastic time sense and extended techniques to be 21st century modern, the rhythmic and melodic implication of Šalamon’s tunes recall classic well-constructed anthems. The combination of his supple lines and first -class blowing makes most of the work here memorable.«
(JAZZ WEEKLY, Ken Waxman, October 2005, USA)

»Slovenian jazz guitarist Samo Salamon conveys maturity beyond his young years on this progressive jazz release…the guitarist surfaces as a confident leader who possesses mega-chops and improvisational savvy…Salamon successfully conveys a vibe that teeters on the cutting edge of matters, while offering a set that seldom fails to entertain!«
(JAZZREVIEW, Glenn Astarita, June 2005, USA)

»A courageous and determined music in a territory almost sacred in modern jazz…A guitarist to watch, for his choices definitely are not trivial.«
(ALTRISUONI, May 2005, Italy)

»Slovenian guitarist Samo Šalamon’s '03 recording Ornethology was something of an epiphany. From the most unlikely of places, a young artist had emerged, not only possessing a frightening command of his instrument, but also gifted with the kind of maturity and artistic vision that would be remarkable regardless of age or origins. Šalamon possesses more of a European aesthetic, coupled with a looser sense of freedom and elasticity with time that brings to mind Sonny Sharrock or James “Blood” Ulmer at his more adventurous.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, John Kelman, May 2005, USA)

»Salamon's guitar playing is in the vein of one of his mentors John Scofield, yet still he develops his own tone, space and grace. The future is truly bright for wherever Samo decides to venture from here.«
(GOLDMINE MAGAZINE, Joe Milliken, May 2005, USA)

»He plays so well and with such an interplay with the band that a new recording of this band wouldn't be a surprise. We can hardly wait!«
(VECER, Darinko Kores Jacks, May 2005, Slovenia)

»With Ela's Dream, young Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon has made an album that is not only top shelf, it may be important as well. With its variety, movement, and sheer joyous energy, this program presents jazz as a music of almost infinite possibilies. And finally, with four Europeans in the band, Salamon's group swings like mad, making a powerful statement that European jazz musicians are making music that equals, and arguably surpasses, in both creativity and swing, a lot of American jazz. He adds an almost dizzying energy, and he swings hard. The net effect is what Ornette Coleman might sound like if his primary instrument were guitar instead of alto saxophone. At times, Salamon's writing, with its catchy themes, also bears an Ornette influence. Further, his compositions, with their changing tempos, time signatures, and multiple themes, give the album a nearly epic sweep.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Marc Meyers, April 2005, USA)

»The music is full of innovation, amusing and productive improvisation contents.«
(DELO, Gregor Bauman, April 2005, Slovenia)

»Champions League guitarist Samo Salamon is just bursting from energy and creative ideas. Imaginative concepts, techinally brilliant playing and surprising interplay of all musicians… an excellent, unique and already now very recognizable guitarist.«
(POLET, Jure Potokar, April 2005, Slovenia)

»The music is not simple, but it has a beautiful logical arch, where the soloist can find himself and where also the group can work. Great and obligatory music.«
(MLADINA, Ico Vidmar, April 2005, Slovenia)

»Definite creativity!«
(ANIMA JAZZ, April 2005, Italy)

»Virtousic, fresh and inspiring!«
(FINANCE, Gregor Bauman, April 2004, Slovenia)

»Salamon is excellent as the leader of the band, especially with his composition work and playing of the guitar he excels (he showed many excellent solistic parts, including superb control over the fingerboard of his guitar)... excellent musicianship with lots of creative improvisation and innovation«
(VECER, Darinko Kores Jacks, April 2004, Slovenia)

»Salamon is not another mainstream guitarist, but an avantgarde player with modern idioms and will to experiment.«
(AGAS, Alexander Schmitz, 2005, Germany)