"Salamon is a truly creative musician who seems to set out to explore both breadth and depth of his instrument!"
(Jazz Views, Ken Cheetham, September 2014, UK)
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(Splasc(h) Records)

Michel Godard - tuba
Samo Salamon - guitar
Luciano Biondini - accordion
Roberto Dani - drums

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The Crocodile Is Crazy
Fall Memories
Lady Grey
Number Of Circles
For The Leaves
Our 76th Breakfast
Kei's Suite – Parts I-V
E.E. Cummings
7.20 (Salamon)
9.00 (Salamon)
7.56 (Salamon)
7.59 (Salamon)
6.22 (Salamon)
2.57 (Salamon)
6.21 (Salamon)
8.36 (Salamon)
7.15 (Salamon)
»For originality of conception and sonic freshness this stands up to – and sometimes reminds me of – the best Threadgill.«
(MOMENT'S NOTICE, Francesco Martinelli, October 2008, USA)

»One of the young lions of Europe's modern creative music scene …This CD needs to be heard. It is a unique statement, another hallmark in Salamon's brief but burgeoning career, one worth seeking and embracing.«
(ALLMUSIC, Michael G. Nastos, May 2008, USA)

»The music breathes, screams, lives, swings, uses unusual sounds, but also has a lot of space for silence and contemplation… The first tune of the CD The Crocodile is Crazy is candidate for the best tune of the year. You must listen to this!«
(JAZZ DIMENSIONS, Carina Prange, April 2008, Germany)

»Salamon creates a unique sound world between the composed and the improvised… Salamon emerges as a composer to be reckoned with, way beyond being "just" a guitarist.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Budd Kopman, January 2008, USA)

»Hot and exhilarating free jazz! Salamon's ideas are fertile and he never slips off the path even as he makes some subtle turns and shifts.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Jerry D'Souza, January 2008, USA)