"Salamon is a truly creative musician who seems to set out to explore both breadth and depth of his instrument!"
(Jazz Views, Ken Cheetham, September 2014, UK)
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SAMO SALAMON NYC QUINTET: Government Cheese (2006)
(Fresh Sound New Talent)

Dave Binney - alto sax
Josh Roseman - trombone
Samo Salamon - guitar
Mark Helias - bass
Gerald Cleaver - drums

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How They Washed My Brain
The Bee And The Knee
Her Name
Eat The Monster
It Rains When It Falls
The Last Goodbye
Up And Down
8.11 (Salamon)
6.31 (Salamon)
9.07 (Salamon)
7.40 (Salamon)
6.47 (Salamon)
6.30 (Salamon)
7.41 (Salamon)
»Top 10 jazz release of the year!«

»…adventurous listeners will be intrigued by their collective daring.«
(JAZZ TIMES, Bill Milkowski, August 2007, USA)

»Memorable tunes are what makes this session stand out in the guitarist's output. Whether they are jaunty, twitchy, spasmodic, or angular they are always filled with an infectious and healthy energy. This session is highly recommended and might very well be Salamon's most successful effort to date.«
(ALLMUSIC, Alain Drouot, May 2008, USA)

»Angular, edgy, and at times manic playing, can be recognized as being Salamon… his voice is recognizable.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Budd Kopman, May 2007, USA)

»Salamon can take rock and meld it with jazz, let it swing and let it move with an agile sweetness. He can let structure loose from composition to find a startling, new ambit. The compositions have depth and strength, testimony to his gift as a writer.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Jerry D'Souza, March 2007, USA)

»This is another fine record from an artist whose persistence and hard work is paying off, and whose name is gaining recognition with every passing year.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, John Kelman, March 2007, USA)

»Slovenian progressive jazz guitarist Samo Salamon pursues disparate angles and levels of intensity here…Salamon is equally comfortable soaring into the stratosphere or comping for his fellow soloists, while intermittently incorporating a mainstream jazz aesthetic into his arsenal.«
(JAZZ REVIEW, Glenn Astarita, May 2007, USA)

»Reflection of vitality and unique creative spirit.«
(PARK, Rasto Bozic, November 2007, Slovenia)