"Salamon is a truly creative musician who seems to set out to explore both breadth and depth of his instrument!"
(Jazz Views, Ken Cheetham, September 2014, UK)
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(Samo Records)

Paul McCandless - oboe,
bass clarinet, soprano sax
Samo Salamon - guitar
Roberto Dani - drums

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Little River
Blown Away
Kei's Garden
Asking For a Break
Northern Wind
Summer Strawberries
10.45 (Salamon)
10.47 (Salamon)
7.48 (Salamon)
5.45 (Salamon)
9.22 (Salamon)
8.00 (Salamon)
9.11 (Salamon)
7.49 (Salamon)
9.09 (Salamon)
»Samo Šalamon is an outstanding artist at a time when many leading guitarists are content to stick with the familiar…God is indeed the arbiter of many good things and it is no coincidence that Samo Šalamon and Mr. McCandless have been paired here.«
(JazzDaGama, Raul Da Gama, Canada, February 2015)

»This is music that drifts with a lovely, but uneasy serenity occasionally cut through with strikes of lightning and the crash of thunder. A very distinct and enchanting personality to this one!«
(Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm, USA, 2015)

»The musicians just spread their wings and fly on their own fantasy!«
(SK JAZZ, Slovakia, 2015)

»Samo Salamon counts among the most important young European jazz guitarists!«
(Jazz Dimensions, Carina Prange, Germany)

»Confidence, sensitivity, trust, and patience prove to be chief among the merits of these men.«
(AllAboutJazz, Dan Bilawsky, USA, 2015)

»Samo Salamon has developed his very own style and with each record, he adds and peels away new layers of his sound. He is like a painter that explores new instrumental colors and revisits familiar motifs and Little River is yet another worthy addition in his expanding oeuvre.«
(AllAboutJazz, Jakob Baekgaard, USA, 2015)

»The trio is in its most rewarding territory when it’s sounding atmospheric, lyrical and free-flowing.«
(Jazz Breakfast, Peter Bacon, UK, 2015)

»This is another fantastic achievement by Salamon, where he is again presented as a well-thought guitarist and inventive composer.«
(Radio Student, Mario Batelič, Slovenia, 2015)

»Beautifully distilled. Another gem from Salamon and McCandless' light touch a happy refraction.«
(AllAboutJazz, USA, 2015)

»Drei Großmeister auf subtiler Entdeckungsreise!«
(Jazztime, Germany, July 2015)

»A new light on the jazz map!«
(Jazzzeitung, Mathias Baeumel, February 2015)

»Abstract chamber music, sweet and melodious ballads, freely improvised moments…the trio finds space for reflective moments and deep poetic quality!«
(AllAboutJazz Italy, Angelo Leonardi, Italy, June 2015)

»Relaxed but still diverse album.«
(Veljko Njegovan, Mladina, Slovenia, 2015)

»Really impressed by this one. This guy is a hell of a guitarist and this album ranges from rock fusion to almost ambient/minimalist material.«
(Audio Karma, USA, 2015)

»…full of swirling guitar improvisations by Salamon!«
(KATHODIK, A.G.Bertinetto, March 2015, Italy)