"Salamon is a truly creative musician who seems to set out to explore both breadth and depth of his instrument!"
(Jazz Views, Ken Cheetham, September 2014, UK)
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SAMO SALAMON QUARTET: Ornethology (2003)
(Samo Records)

Achille Succi - alto sax, bass clarinet
Samo Salamon - guitar
Salvatore Maiore - bass
Zlatko Kaucic - drums

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A Fake Monk
Alien Child
The Creative Force
Does Your Girlfriend Know You Play Free Jazz?
Out For A Walk
Uncork The Bottle
Where’s The Bill?
Two Poles
Major Salva
Something Ology
Jaka The Dog
Humpty Dumpty
Aguri – The Birthday Party
8.32 (Salamon)
8.20 (Salamon)
10.53 (Salamon)

2.27 (Salamon)
5.37 (Salamon)
3.29 (Salamon)
5.07 (Salamon)
1.03 (Succi)
4.21 (Salamon)
1.08 (Maiore)
5.33 (Salamon)
1.13 (Salamon)
6.38 (Salamon)
1.08 (Kaucic)
5.43 (Coleman)
1.36 (Salamon)
»Salamon has a keen ear for invention and melodic uniqueness, as is shown on the nine compositions he claims…This very likable recording bodes well for the young guitarist as a possible future innovator and a present force to be reckoned with.«
(ALLMUSIC, Michael G. Nastos, May 2006, USA)

»Salamon's quartet creates an inventive mix of improvisation with tradition. Samo's compositions show a maturity and understanding far beyond his years! Salamon has a unique and distinguishable guitar sound as well…his solos are accurate and articulate, yet soft and intinate when need be. Overall "Ornethology" is an energetic, yet disciplined interpretation of Monk-influenced compositions, and still made creative and personal by Salamon. He is a composer and guitarist beyond his years, and a force to be reckoned with.«
(GOLDMINE MAGAZINE, Joe Milliken , December 2003, USA)

»Samo Salamon Ornethology Quartet is a first class jazz ensemble that is playing exciting compositions.«
(DER STANDARD, December 2003, Austria)

»Very beautiful themes, top-level solos and collective structures.«
(IL GAZZETTINO, December 2003, Italy)

»Additional quality is brought to the group by the excellent guitar virtuoso Samo Salamon (currently he is making the world enthusiastic with his album Ornethology), who enrichened the music with his typical sound!«
(DNEVNIK, Jure Potokar, December 2003, Slovenia)

»This record is undoubtedly one of this year’s best from a local artist. As we have said previously in the ST Ornethology brings us a rich musicianship, witty music, a bit of John Scofield, (who is Samo’s mentor), and music worthy of the name of Ornette Coleman.«
(SLOVENIA TIMES, Gregor Bauman, December 2003, Slovenia)

»Very open music conceptually – great use of textures and sounds.«
(CHRIS POTTER, November 2003, USA)

»Samo Salamon is a young guitarist from Slovenia who may qualify as one of the hardest working musicians around. The result is a captivating program of contemporary jazz which, while there is some emphasis on free playing, has a construction and focus which puts it well ahead of other recordings of its kind. Think early 90s Blue Note Scofield, with less grease and blues and a more European aesthetic… his writing is remarkably developed and mature for his young age…Ornethology is strong evidence that Samo Salamon is a young musician to watch; with a maturity and vision greater than his years, there is little doubt that he is developing into an artist of consequence.«
(JAZZREVIEW, John Kelman, October 2003, USA)

»Ornette Coleman and John Scofield ought to be proud…coming through on his own, using singular single note, chords, and ideas rendering various jazz undercurrents with resolve, depth and inventiveness. Never indulgent, disciplined and eager, Šalamon is major league material.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Javier Quinones, October 2003, USA)

»…one of the most notable emerging careers from that centrally located European country.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Javier Quinones, November 2003, USA)

»Rich musicianship, witty music, a bit of John Scofield, who is Samo's role model and mentor, and music worthy of the name Ornette Coleman, is one of the nicest jazz production pearls around.«
(FINANCE, Gregor Bauman, October 2003, Slovenia)

»I would like to mention that there are for me no weak moments here!«
(JAZZLIVE, Josef Pepsch Muska, September 2003, Austria)

»Ornethology is and album with the Music full of drive, activity, creativty and sometimes even agressiveness - however not forgetting also the quieter moments… In the end this is a rewarding and highly interesting album from Slovenia - in the first line with the strong compositions from Salamon, who is showing to the jazzers from the western Europe, how easily can we integrate eastern european rhythms into the western music. Intersting things will come from this direction.«
(JAZZ DIMENSIONS, Carina Prange, September 2003, Germany)

»The young guitarist from Maribor is perhaps the nicest surprise of Slovenian music this year! Equally important is that Salamon has on the guitar a totally recognizable style, which hardly resembles to what we are used to and tired of when listening to jazz guitar… In the end the most important are after all the excellent compositions of Salamon and inspiring musicianship. That is something that is really not missing on the record Ornethology.«
(POLET, Jure Potokar, September 2003, Slovenia)

»Great playing and writing!«
(DAVE DOUGLAS, August 2003, Slovenia)

»The music on the album is witty and full of surprising turns…. It is never linear, it stick to the ideas of harmolodics and gives each instrument an equal importance.«
(MUSKA, Mario Batelic, August 2003, Slovenia)

»Salamon is a type of a modern musician, his thinking world incorporates all positive guidelines: he thinks eclectically and plays without burdain the music with his individual character, while working more and more internationally and in a integrative way.«
(MUSKA, David Braun, August 2003, Slovenia)

»The turn is that the guitarist is looking for new and expanding his musical horizons… I give a warm welcome to the home Ornethology.«
(MLADINA, Ico Vidmar, July 2003, Slovenia)

»Slovene answer to John Scofield...«
(LJUBLJANA JAZZ FESTIVAL, June 2003, Slovenia)

»The group plays with lots of imagination and creativity, it is enough daring and also enough melodically loose.«
(FINANCE, Gregor Bauman, June 2003, Slovenia)

»Salamon's guitar quite often really fast but accurate, but it can also be really tenderly dreamy and soft.«
(MUSKA, Rok Juric, June 2003, Slovenia)

»The Ornethology Quartet is not only a proof that Salamon is one of the most creative slovenian musicians, but that the Ornethology Quartet is one of the rarest groups in Slovenia, which is opening doors to international jazz.«
(SKRITE NOTE, David Braun, May 2003, Slovenia)