"Salamon is a truly creative musician who seems to set out to explore both breadth and depth of his instrument!"
(Jazz Views, Ken Cheetham, September 2014, UK)
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Tony Malaby - tenor sax
Samo Salamon - guitar
Mark Helias - bass
Tom Rainey - drums

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Empty Heart
One For Steve Lacy
A Melody For Her
Does David Know He's Not Brown
Where's The Bill
Silence Of The Poets
Mind Breezer
The Lonely Tune
Coffee With A Girl
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5.41 (Salamon)
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5.15 (Salamon)
»He attacks thematic patterns from every angle, making dramatic variations in phrase length and tempo from bar to bar.«
(DOWNBEAT, Peter Margasak, 2006, USA)

»Full of wondrous and intricate interplay, this set easily sustains the listener's interest.«
(ALLMUSIC, Alain Drouot, May 2008, USA)

»The astonishing Two Hours, from a young, European guitarist, of all people, has all the elements jazz lovers in search of worthy new projects should be seeking… All the playing is virtuosic: flawless in the pocket and impishly brilliant out of it...he’s set himself up at one stroke as a new jazz guitarist to be dealt with.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Ty Cumbie, July 2006), USA)

»Salamon has so many ideas to get out that he might burst!«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Budd Kopman, May 2006, USA)

»Salamon's music is eager and edgy and excited, and his lines! pile up! climactic resolution! after climactic resolution! He can turn his hand to a more leisurely lyricism, but is most impressive on hot, jittery, uptempo post-Ornette Coleman miniatures… a musician we'll be hearing a lot more from in the future.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Chris May, March 2006, USA)

»Samo Salamon is a master guitarist. His chops go unchallenged; at any moment he could play any note or chord on the instrument… Salamon is a guitarist worth keeping track of.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, David Miller, March 2006, USA)

»If Salamon’s other releases this year approach the chemistry of Two Hours, then this may well be the year for this rapidly developing Slovenian find!«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, John Kelman, March 2006, USA)

»Samo Salamon’s Two Hours is a very unique album. His combo produces very modern sounding music… Two Hours is a high-quality album. It is filled with good playing... I would recommend this CD to any one who likes modern jazz.«
(JAZZ REVIEW, Andrew Johnston, March 2006, USA)

»Salamon's jaggedness is just the bitter coating of a sweet musical pill—he’s really a melodist at heart. Salamon’s tone blends marvelously with Malaby’s robust tenor lines, and the two contribute memorable unison heads…“Empty Heart,” the CD opener, is, simply put, one of the best songs of the year!!! You’ll be hearing more from Salamon!«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, Paul Olson, March 2006, USA)

»Two Hours is a fantastic crossing of hard bop and excellent playing.«
(ABEILLEMUSIQUE, March 2006, France)

»Already at first listening Samo Salamon sounds great!«
(CITIZEN JAZZ, March 2006, France)

»Innovation is happening everywhere - from the US to England, Germany to Norway, Finland to Slovenia because of non-American artists including Tim Garland, Tomasz Stanko, Kenny Wheeler, Jon Balke, Iro Haarla, Django Bates, Iain Ballamy, Trygve Seim, Samo Salamon, Markus Stockhausen, and so many more.«
(ALLABOUTJAZZ, John Kelman, December 2005, USA)

»…a genius sight of the music world.«
(AGAS, Alexander Schmitz, 2005, Germany)

»I have known Samo Salamon for years and have enjoyed watching him develop as a player. It is my opinion that he is a talented, highly motivated and hard working musician and composer.«