"Salamon is a truly creative musician who seems to set out to explore both breadth and depth of his instrument!"
(Jazz Views, Ken Cheetham, September 2014, UK)
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Julian Arguelles - tenor & soprano sax
Samo Salamon - guitar
John Hollenbeck - drums

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Asking For a Break
Kei's Venice
Holla Back
Seagulls In Maine
Drop the D
Kei's Secret
6.52 (Salamon)
5.44 (Salamon)
12.25 (Salamon)
5.23 (Salamon)
7.24 (Salamon)
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6.22 (Salamon)
9.25 (Salamon)
2.26 (Salamon)

»A CD that will signify the year 2016 regarding guitar jazz. Definitely an album that will enter the history books of Slovenian jazz!« 
(Brane Rončel, Val 202 - RTV SLO, Slovenia, January 2016)

»Adventurous Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon is one of the most wide-ranging jazz guitarists working today, and one of the most prolific...Every Samo Salamon album goes into at least some new territory, unified by his distinctive guitar playing and composing. This one upholds that standard: another trio worth revisiting!« 
(Mark Sullivan, AllAboutJazz, USA, February 2016)

»Samo Salamon's Unity continues the guitarists journey into the sophisticated side of modern jazz with innovative music and excellent musicianship that make this outing worth exploring!« 
(Ed Blanco, AllAboutJazz, USA, February 2016)

»Samo Salamon is a major exponent of jazz guitar and a really interesting composer to follow over the coming years.« 
(Chris Baber, Jazz Views, UK, April 2016)

»The Slovenian guitarist Samo Salamon is an eclectic who alternates Bill Frisellish folksiness with Kevin Eubanksish hyperactivity.« 
(John Litweiler, Point of Departure, USA, March 2016)

»Samo Salamon is able to mix impressionistic indigos with giant splashing paint brushes and come up with impressive canvases on each display.« 
(George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly, USA, March 2016)

»Some outstanding music from an outstanding threesome of musicians. You should hear it!« 
(Greg Applegate, Music Review, USA, March 2016)

»Samo Salamon and Bassless. A trademark!« 
(Peter Baroš, Odzven, Slovenia, March 2016)

»Samo Salamon is becoming one of the most influential guitarists of the European jazz scene!« 
(Igor Miskovic, JazzInRS, Serbia, March 2016)

»Samo Salamon belongs to the most creative and complete figures of modern European jazz...The album Unity belongs definitely to the current highlights for all the listeners who seek for adventure in music.« 
(Mathias Bäumel, Dresdner Universitätsjournals, Germany, February 2016)

»...a creative mix of hard rock and free jazz!« 
(Mario Batelić, Radio Študent, Slovenia, January 2016)

»I cannot recommend this outstanding CD too highly to any jazz lover who wishes to listen to an exceptionally talented and delightful international jazz trio!« 
(Ron Sweetman, In a Mellow Tone, Canada, January 2016)

»A very fine trio, well worth a listen! Salamon is a prolific performer and collaborator in a number of different styles.« 
(Peter Slavov, UK Jazz, UK, February 2016)

»A versatile instrumentalist who knows how to mix different traditions of US jazz and European improvisational music.« 
(Martin Laurentius, Jazz Thing, Germany, March 2016)

»A complete, playful but also quite experimental project where Salamon shows that his eclecticism has no limits!« 
(Veljko Njegovan, Mladina, Slovenia, February 2016)